Beautiful Birthday 🎈

Today was the most amazing birthday I could ask for! It started at 6:30AM with a yogurt and granola parfait with a warm cup of pumping chai. At 9:00 my dad and I did the CIBC Run for the Cure then went for smoothies and juice! We went to a raw food bar in Kensington called Wild and Raw. Their smoothies are AMAZING, a tad over priced but are packed with super foods and make you feel awesome!


After we re fueled, we went home and got ready to head out for the day. We made a quick stop at the mall because I obviously needed to go and get my birthday cup of tea from Davids Tea. Then we wandered around 17th avenue until it was dinner time.


Dinner was the best part of the day! We went to a vegetarian restaurant called The Coup. First we started with warm sweet potato and brown rice sushi which was to die for! I never knew sushi could taste so amazing without fish and warm! For main course I had the make your own dragon bowl with tofu, quinoa, cooked veggies with a green coconut curry sauce… If I could eat that every day for dinner I would. It was so delicious!


We ended our evening with red velvet birthday cake from Bliss and presents. Overall a beautiful birthday and I can’t wait to see what my 16th year has in store for me!

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