Homemade Mylks

Sometimes store bought nut and seed mylks can be extremely watery and don’t have a nice rich and creamy texture. Fortunately you can make your own dairy-free mylks at home that are full of nutrients, creamy and go great in everything! Before making any sort of dairy-free nut mylk you need to soak your nuts or seeds so they can absorb the water, blend easier and their nutrients will be activated. Below I have created a list of all the different types of ingredients that you can turn into your very own nut, seed or oat mylk!

Almonds—— Soak for 8h+
Cashews—— Soak for 3h+
Pistachios—–Soak for 8h+
Hemp Seeds—Soak for 1h+
Rolled Oats—-Soak for 1h+
To Soak:
Place nuts, seeds or oats in a bowl and fill with room temperature water until the water covers the ingredient completely, or soak them in the amount of water you will be adding into the mylk. Leave undisturbed for the amount of time they need to soak for or overnight. If you are soaking them overnight I would suggest covering them just so nothing contaminates the water or disturbs the soaking process.

Hemp Milk:
1 cup hemp seeds
3 cups water (use 4 cups if a runnier consistency is desired)

Soak the hemp seeds in water for at least one hour. Pour all ingredients into a high speed blender and blend for 2 minutes or until a white creamy liquid forms and the hemp seeds have been ground into fine little particles. Strain the mylk through a nut milk bag (a super fine strainer, vegetable bag or cheesecloth will work perfectly as well). into a mason jar or a container that will seal air tight. Enjoy your mylk in oatmeal, smoothies, coffee, tea or morning elixirs!

**If so desired you can add a sweetener or additional flavors to your nut mylk. Add in maple syrup, vanilla extract or dates during blending to incorporate the flavor fully throughout the mylk.

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