Catching Up…

I have no idea where the time went so far this month, I haven’t done any blogging! This morning I made sure that I reserved enough time to blog about what I have been up to during this fabulous month of March! As spring is nearing us, the time for fresh fruits and vegetables, gardening and florals is also upon us. I have lots of fresh and fruity creations that I can’t wait to share with you, along with workouts and mind motivation!


What I’ve been Reading…
1. 3 Hormones Your Emotions Rely On
2. Simplest Health Tip Ever: Why You Should Ditch High-Fructose Corn Syrup
3. Top 5 Reasons You Should Eat Avocados
    4. Is Meditation Better Than Painkillers?

What I’ve been Eating…
1. Pizza For Breakfast: A Seriously Healthy Way to Make it Happen
2. Strawberry Cocoa Dream Smoothie (recipe to come)
3. Smoothie Bowls Galore!

What I’ve been Doing…
1. Walking
2. Yoga
3. Reading Julie Morris: Superfood Smoothies

Now that I am officially on Spring Break, I will have plenty of time to experiment with new recipes and share them with you! Also, in a week and a half I am leaving for Portland!! Whole Foods here I come! I actually have a list of all the nut butters and bars I need to buy and bring back with me; I absolutely can’t wait. Along with Whole Foods, I can’t wait to explore all the juice/smoothie places and fitness studios Portland has to offer. After my trip, I will make sure I post a full update on all the cool things I found. Also, I will be updating my trip on Twitter (@_FoodGlow) and my Instagram (@aemassey4).

Have a happy spring!

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