Meet My Plants! πŸŒ±πŸŒ³

During spring break I developed this new love for plants and a fascination with starting a garden to grow my own herbs and vegetables. I have a basil plant that my friend got me for my birthday that I have really enjoyed taking care of and watching it grow so my mom and I went and bought more seeds to plant and turn into a garden! We bought camomile, cilantro, peas, mint, tomatoes, spinach and squash. Over spring break I planted them inside a tray so they can begin to sprout. In the days between planting them and leaving nothing really happened but the day I came back from my trip almost all the seeds in the box had sprouted! Currently all the seeds have sprouted so I can now place the plants in sunlight so they can grow indoors for the next 6-8 weeks or until Calgary decides to stop snowing. I will be keeping updates on the blog about the progress of my garden and of course will be showing lots of pictures of their growth as often as possible!



Along with my vegetables and herbs I have four other plants to look after. I have my bonsai tree and some other sort of little tree my dad bought me and then I have a terrarium and a wall terrarium with little succulents in them that really do not require much maintenance. The one terrarium I have I accidentally killed because I was not watering it properly or spraying it but I am currently in the process of bringing it back to life, so fingers crossed that it works!

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