Oh the gut biome, the most precious and delicate ecosystem on the planet. When this system is off so are we and every other system in our body. The gut is the control center and foundation to our overall health. Gut imbalances have been seen to be the cause of depression, anxiety, hormone imbalances, IBS, bloating, chronic fatigue and much more.


In today’s post I want to explore how I keep my gut ecosystem in check through the benefits of Kombucha…

…MAN DO I LOVE ME SOME BUCH!! Kombucha is 100% my favorite thing to drink on this planet besides water obviously. It just makes my body feel so amazing and helps to relieve any of my digestive issues especially bloating.

Before I begin preaching about my love for Kombucha, I just want to remind everyone that I am not a doctor or a certified anything (yet)! I have just learned that drinking and eating certain things makes my body feel a certain way and purely want to share my passion and inspire you guys to do your own research to find what works best for your body!

What the heck is Kombucha?

Kombucha is essentially a tea that has been fermented using a bacterial culture called SCOBY which stands for “symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast”. SCOBY is exactly what it is called, it is a blob of living bacteria and yeast that feeds off the sugar added to kombucha. Woah I just said “added sugar”; don’t worry! The added sugar in kombucha is generally natural sugar (if you are buying the right brand) and is solely used for the purpose of fermentation.

What are it’s benefits?

The topic of the benefits of Kombucha can be a bit of a sticky one because everyone has their own opinion about if it is good for you or if it is just a hoax. This is because there have been no scientific studies providing us with proven beneficial results of drinking kombucha. For me the benefit I see in kombucha is overall digestion and relief from symptoms of bloating and intestinal discomfort. Because kombucha is fermented they are tons of good bacteria living in it. Those bacteria will make their way into your digestive tract and add to the population of bacteria already living in there and make your body more efficient at breaking down food. Again though,  with its benefits this is what I find kombucha does for me and has been seen to provide the same benefits for others but just try it out and see how it makes your body feel because we are all different!

When is the best time to drink Kombucha?

Really any time of the day. Some find that drinking it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach helps to set a foundation for the digestive process for the rest of the day. Others find drinking it after a meal helps to break down their meal. For me personally, I can’t drink it first thing in the morning because I find it to be a bit harsh on my stomach and drinking it after lunch makes me bloated. The optimal time I have found to drink it is after breakfast before lunch as my mid morning pick me up. I will normally have my serving of buch at around 11:00 before lunch so it has time to settle in my stomach before I eat lunch. The only thing I caution you with when it comes to the timing of drinking kombucha is if you are sensitive to caffeine. Kombucha is generally a fermented black, green or white tea which do have a bit of caffeine in them so just be mindful of that and how it affects your sleep drinking it at later times in the day.

How much should I be drinking?

Single serving bottles of kombucha are normally one and a half to two cups so when I fill my growler of True Buch I generally stick to that amount when pouring it for myself or I drink a whole bottle of the individual ones.

What are the best brands?

I love Brew Dr. Kombucha, Rise and True Buch. They all are the best tasting and are made with the best ingredients. Brew Dr. Is great because they have lots of interesting flavours and they are not overly sweet tasting. You can buy individual bottles from any health food store or recently Costco has started carrying six packs of a variety of flavours. Rise is a good brand but I find it to be overly fizzy and can sometimes actually make me bloated just from all the extra CO2. Other than that they have great flavours and is generally available at any health food store. The added benefit to Rise over Brew Dr. is that Rise is a Canadian company made in Montreal so we can support our fellow Canadians! Lastly number one on my list is True Buch Kombucha, they are a local brewing company that focuses on quality ingredients and producing the best tasting and most beneficial product for our bellies! Becasue they are local you can find them popping up in many local coffee shops, juice places, restaurants and fitness studios in bottles or on tap. My favorite way to get my True Buch fix is to buy one of their refillable growler bottles. This is the best part about this company because they are constantly concocting new flavours that are only available on tap and at certain locations so it keeps things exciting! As much as I love trying all their new flavours I am a creature of habit and have a deep love for their ginger buch as seen in the photos above. Follow them on instagram, twitter and facebook for updates on locations and flavours as well as check out their website for  a listing of all the locations you can find them at!

Long story short, I have seen Kombucha do wonders for my digestive system and overall health. I hope this post has inspired you to try a bottle (or fill a growler 😉 ) of buch to just give it a try and see how it makes your body feel. If you have any questions feel free to reach me on the contact page or follow me on instagram for daily nutrition and meal updates (@aemassey4)!

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