Santa Monica Travel Guide

Woah! Long time no see! FINALLY I have created a Santa Monica Travel Guide for you all! I also added in a little bonus WholeFoods and Erewhon Market grocery list because let’s be honest, the only reason I go on vacation to the US is to grocery shop…
Below I have listed all my favorite food stops and workout places that you have to hit up! If you are planning a trip to Santa Monica soon, or want to live vicariously through this post keep reading!


Basecamp Fitness
1315 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA

Want to get your butt kicked for 35 min? This is the place to go! Each day focuses on a different muscle group or a different performance goal such as strength or power. I hit up the class called Exchange Rate which consisted of 1 min on 1 min off high intensity circuit training. The staff and instructors are so friendly and very helpful when it comes to helping you out with form and execution of the exercise. The model of the classes reminds me of Orange Theory but like 10000000x harder because instead of treadmills they use assault bikes which are NO JOKE.


TrueFood Kitchen
Many locations through LA

You know this place is a keeper when you go on a 4 day vacation and eat here every single day. We went here on day 1,2 and 3 for dinner and lunch on day 4 before going to the airport. My favorite thing to order on the menu for sure is the ancient grain bowl as seen in the photo above. It’s a lovely bowl of roasted veggies with your choice of protein and the BEST sauce. The menu is very easy to alter in order to fit your dietary needs as most things can be subbed gluten free, vegan, vegetarian or paleo. Normally with the grain bowl I ask for no grains and extra veg to fit with my needs. This place is great to take families as there are many choices for everyone as well as being very cost effective. Portion sizes are satisfying and you will leave feeling incredibly nourished!


Erewhon Market (AKA where dreams come true)
585 Venice Blvd, Venice, CA

Honestly I don’t even know what to write for this because Its just so amazing I’m speechless. Erewhon is basically planet organic, whole foods, amaranth, community natural foods all smushed together and on steroids. It’s every health nuts dream and more. They have specialty organic, whole food groceries on one side and the other side is a full on elixir and smoothie bar, hot food counter and cold case with the most delectable and wholesome foods you can find. Groceries here are a little more expensive than usual but hey, its worth it because you will for sure find some unique health food products!


Pressed Juicery
Many locations in LA
After working for a cold pressed juice company for 2 years you know I have to hit up this spot when I’m visiting LA. Taking a unique twist on juice, Pressed Juicery offers soft serve ‘Freeze” which is basically like a fro yo bar but dairy free and made with a base of almonds and coconut. My favorite flavours to get are a chocolate and vanilla swirl with shredded coconut, raspberries and a chocolate drizzle #DROOL.


Bulletproof Cafe
3110 Main St, Santa Monica

If Dave Asprey has something to do with it, I am there. The Bulletproof cafe handsdown was the best experience of the whole trip. Bulletproof is my favorite wellness brand and had inspired many of my philosophies around healthy eating and living. Along with their famous Bulletproof coffee, they also have a full service kitchen filled with quality proteins, healthy fats and all the grass fed butter. We ordered the sliders made with grass-fed beef and a sweet potato bun and the salmon tacos made with wild salmon and coconut flour tortillas. If you get a chance, after lunch be sure to stop by the Bulletproof labs to check out all the fun biohacking equipment!

Other places to hit up:
Cafe Gratitude
Moon Juice Shop
Whole Foods
Alo Yoga store
Santa Monica 3rd st promenade

Grocery List:
⇒ Jillz Crackers (original and tuscan are my favs)
⇒ Paleonola
⇒ Paleo Passion Foods “Krave The Krunch” granola
⇒ Kite Hill almond milk yogurt
⇒ Kite Hill almond milk ricotta
⇒ Erewhon Paleo bread
⇒ Bulletproof bars (all the flavours are amazing)
⇒ Hu Chocolate bars
⇒ Perfect bars (again, all flavours are amazing)
⇒ Siete Tortillas
⇒ Honey mama’s chocolate
⇒ Pop+bottle matcha milk
⇒ Malk almond milk
⇒ KerryGold grass-fed butter
⇒ LesserEvil “Paleo Puffs”
⇒ Eating Evolved chocolate bars
⇒ Wild Friends nut butter


Happy travelling!!




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